Guide For Picking An Engagement Ring

 March 10, 2016

guest post & infographic by Naomi Shaw Buying an engagement ring is a stressful prospect. You want it to be just perfect, and not just when it comes to its size! We’ve just passed engagement season, but now wedding season is upon us! This time period refers to late spring to fall when many choose to tie the knot. If you’re thinking of proposing and/or getting married during this time, make sure that you make the ring a special part of your proposal. Here are important things to bear in mind before shopping for an engagement ring.

Test the Waters It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of proposing marriage, but first you need to find out if your partner would want to be married. You can do this by gauging their thoughts on marriage in general as well as seeing where you are in your relationship. Does it feel like you’re settled in your relationship? If signs point to how marriage could enhance your relationship, you’re on the right track!

Choose the Right Size Asking your partner for their ring size ruins the proposal surprise, so rather find out yourself. Look at their ring collection. Take a ring your partner wears on their ring finger and trace it on paper (on the inside and outside of the ring). This will give your jeweller a good idea of size. If they don’t have a ring they wear on that finger, choose one from a different finger but make a note that the engagement ring will have to be bigger or smaller.

Make it Match Their Style Look at the type of fashion your partner likes: is it classic or vintage? Do they wear lots of colour or stick to neutrals? (This could help when it comes to choosing between a transparent diamond or coloured gemstone). Look at the jewelry they wear to see what metals and diamonds they like. For instance, if they like unusual pieces, a rough diamond could be a creative choice. Their lifestyle must also be considered. If your partner uses their hands every day, this will influence the style of engagement ring. For instance, it will make you want a sturdy ring with a diamond that won’t be easily damaged as well as one with a durable metal band, such as platinum.

How to Rate a Diamond Besides for choosing the right diamond shape, such as heart or pear, you should take the 4Cs into account: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Clarity is the most important as it refers to how the diamond sparkles. A higher clarity diamond will have fewer flaws and sparkle more. These are rated as Flawless and Internally Flawless. However, a rating of VVS1, VVS2, VS1 or VS2 will still be of high quality. Now that you’ve got information to find the perfect ring, pay attention to your proposal! Be creative and prepare a heartfelt speech that will work with your stunning ring to make it a romantic and memorable occasion.