Adventurous Intimate Mountaintop Wedding In Idaho

 September 22, 2017

When a mountaintop wedding ends with an extreme downhill bike ride, you know it’s going to be a good one. This couple stayed true to themselves with a small intimate wedding in the middle of the forest with a arch the couple built themselves out of skis and mountain bikes galore. We love the bride’s adorable short dress and the color nod to that magical sliver of time in early September between summer and fall. And a “just married” Humvee? The perfect way to end an adventurous wedding that the perfect embodiment of this new husband and wife!

From the photographer… “This Sun Valley couple decided to combine their love for each other and love for mountain biking into one. An intimate wedding of on top of Jugg Mountain was the perfect spot. These adventure gurus handmade the arbor from skies and bike chain rings. Instead of a cake, Cliff Bars sat on the table to grab on the way out. The party arrived in a Humvee with bikes loaded on top. There was no cake cutting, no reception, no toast, no traditions. As soon as they said “I do” they hopped on bikes and they were off on the trails! I loved every second of this quick wedding!”