Guide For Announcing Your Engagement

 February 2, 2018

You’re engaged – congratulations! One of the first things you may want to do is scream it from the mountaintops. However, in this day and age full of wonderful technology and dozens of ways to communicate, you might want to have a plan in place. Here are a few things to think about before you let everyone know “I said yes!”

  1. Keep it to yourselves for a little while

Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, take some time to revel in this blissful time together. There is something really special about having a big secret that you can’t wait to tell everyone. Take the time to enjoy your engagement, just the two of you. Maybe even come up with a plan to tell certain people, how you want to answer questions (oh, there will be questions!), or to decide a general plan of what you want. Don’t feel pressured to make an announcement right away if that’s not your style – keep it all about you and your spouse-to-be.

  1. Tell your closest friends & family

This is where you try to think of everyone that may be hurt finding out about your enagement via social media. (Not to say that you have to tell EVERYONE!) Feel free to delegate someone to be your “good news bearer” if you have a lot of family or friends that would want to know. Keep in mind, those closest to you would love to hear from you in person, or if that’s not possible over video chat. There is nothing better than getting to see the joy on your faces as you share the news! The more personal you can make it, the better.

  1. Announce it on social media

(Or don’t – you do you!) In the digital age, most couples want to make an announcement about their engagement on social media. After you’ve told your VIPs, think about how you might want to do this. Do you want to do something big, elaborate, or clever? Or you do want to keep it low key? You can go the traditional route of “Can’t wait to marry my best friend!” or try something cheeky if that’s more your style. The key is to keep it true to you and your partner. Again – don’t feel pressured to make your announcement some big thing.