Backyard Wedding By Amy Stone Photography

 August 5, 2015

There’s just something about intimate backyard weddings that allows you to feel the love through photographs. (The amazing skills of Amy Stone Photography don’t hurt either!) And of course a beautiful wedding usually begins with a sweet proposal! Luckily, Jackie shared the story of her and Ryan’s romantic proposal:

“It was a rainy Monday in March, and we were staying at my sister’s house until our apartment was ready. I had said goodbye to Ryan that morning, he was headed to work in priest lake for the whole week. I was laying down for a nap that afternoon when Chris had called me downstairs for something. He said ‘Come look at this,’ and gestured for me to open the backdoor. I opened it and Ryan was on his knees while it poured outside. He was soaked and started to ask me to marry him, I shouted ‘yes!’ before he could get the word ‘me?’ out.”