Beacon Hill Wedding By Ifong Chen

 April 1, 2015

There might not be a better place in all of Spokane to watch a sunset than at Beacon Hill Catering and Events. If you’ve never witnessed a sunset wedding at this stunning venue, you are missing out. The light is dreamy, the views are spectacular and the amazing food and service only adds to the perfection. Charlotte and Erik’s wedding by Ifong Chen showcases Beacon Hill at it’s finest.

Here is more from Beacon Hill Events Director, Ali about this special couple: “Charlotte and Erik were the perfect couple for this beautiful September wedding! Being in advertising and design, Charlotte brought a lot of creative detail to her special day. We truly enjoyed watching them both laugh and dance the night away with those they love. With a great team of vendors, Charlotte and Erik were able to create such a beautiful and meaningful day at Beacon Hill. They will not be forgotten anytime soon, nor will their lovely sunset pictures from Ifong Chen!”