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Best Ways to Incorporate Something Blue

 November 7, 2022


The color blue is incorporated into weddings because of the infamous Old English tradition of having ‘’Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’’. The rhyme originated during the Victorian Era in England and is meant to provide the bride with tokens of luck before she walks down the aisle on her wedding day. Blue was chosen because it represents purity, faithfulness, love, and modesty. 


This tradition is certainly not required for every bride, but for those that do want to partake, we’ve compiled a list of the best, most unique ways to incorporate that something blue. 



‘Something Blue’ Custom Dress Detailing



I love this subtle, yet meaningful way to incorporate the color blue into your wedding. You can choose any shade of blue you prefer, and either add a ribbon or name embroidered into the hem of your dress. You’ll be able to look at the embroidery years after and cherish that tiny detail forever. 




Blue Ribbon in Your Bouquet




Another simple method of introducing the color is to wrap your bouquet with a blue ribbon. Go with a light pastel blue if you want to keep it subtle.




Vintage Blue Car



I’m obsessed with the idea of rolling away to your honeymoon in a vintage blue car. Using this idea would not only be iconic, but so memorable! 




Shoes With a Pop of Color



I have seen different variations of blue shoes for the wedding day, but my personal favorite is the blue bottoms on a white heel. Again it’s a subtle addition, but so cute and special. For a modern take, you can have your fiancé write a note or message on the bottom of your shoe in blue ink.



Matching Pajamas or Robes



If you’re not crazy about the idea of having blue bridesmaids’ dresses, consider doing blue ‘getting ready’ robes or pjs for them instead! This way you are still working with accents of blue without going for the obvious. 




‘Something Blue’ Blooms



Line the aisle with loads of colorful flowers including variations of blue for an easy way to bring the color in. A few blue florals include Iris’s, hydrangea’s, bellflowers, and morning glory’s. If it doesn’t clash with your colors, add a few into your bridal bouquet. 




Blue Flower Girl or Ring Bearer Details



Having your flower girl wear blue shoes, or a blue sash around her dress is another great way to add color. You can extend the pattern to your ring bearer as well, and dress him in a blue tie or tuxedo. The ring box, bag, or pillow can be a variation of blue as well. 




‘Something Blue’ Desserts



Another idea is to incorporate blue in your desserts. If you’re doing various desserts, consider blue cupcakes or macaroons.  If you want to stick with the indirect usage of the color blue, have the inside of the cake be blue when you cut into it but white on the outside. 




Colored Neon Sign



Blue decor will provide you with tradition while making it so that you don’t have to physically wear the color if you don’t want to. Neon signs can be used to lead guests into the reception area, to light up your photo booth, or just to add a fun vibe. 




Blue Invitations



Invitations are another option you can go with that won’t require blue-colored attire. You can play with various shades of blue to find one that you prefer. 




The Bridal Party



You can always go the more obvious route and dress the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen in blue vests or ties for that pop of color. 




Blue Tablescapes




Using blue napkins or silverware holders for your place settings can be a simple yet noticeable addition as well.  






Again, this tradition is not a necessity but certainly adds special details to the bridal moments. If you’re a lover of the finer details, then this guide is for you!