Bozarth Mansion Wedding By Amber Glanville Photography

 April 11, 2014

Whitney and Jacob put a lot of thought and work into their beautiful DIY wedding at Bozarth mansion. We are so excited that today, we not only get to share their pictures from Amber Glanville Photography, but also their wedding video by Ferguson Films!

Here is what Amber had to say about the couple: Whitney had a clear vision for her wedding, and she put so much thought (and hard work!) into the details. It was amazing – a true DIY, Pinterest-worthy masterpiece. Their ceremony was a celebration of two souls pledging to become one, for better or worse. There were some funny stories from years gone by, as would be expected when the bride & groom go so far back. It was just a joy being able to document this wedding day! First, the video from Ferguson Films. If you are a big cryer, don’t watch this at work. I cried. It’s a job hazard, I suppose. And now the beautiful pictures from Amber Glanville Photography!