Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends For 2023

 February 23, 2023

Bridal hair and makeup trends have certainly fluctuated over the years and we’ve seen everything from blue eyeshadow to wild updos. Last year, we saw a minimalistic trend take over the bridal scene with modern hair, makeup choices, and neutral colors. This year, we expect to see a continuation of that trend, as well as some new, more exciting ones.


Check out what we predict to see as far as bridal hair and makeup trends in 2023. 


  • ‘No Makeup’ Wedding Makeup 


Makeup by: MLY Makeup

The ‘no makeup’ makeup look has been popular for a few years now, but we’ve recently seen it being incorporated into bridal looks as well. For many years there was a notion that brides have to wear a full glam makeup look with an extravagant hairstyle, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. More than anything else your bridal makeup look should be an elevated version of you. If you are a girl who loves makeup and playing with shades and colors in your day-to-day life, then go for full glam on your wedding day! If however, you’re someone who never wears makeup in your daily life, you may want to opt for a more subtle look that is better suited to your personality. The ‘no makeup’ makeup look is still very much polished and clean, making it a great choice for the minimalistic bride. 


  • Dewy, Glowing Makeup Look 


Makeup by: Sage Bridal Beauty Co

The dewy, glowing goddess makeup look is a great choice if you’re having a spring or summer wedding. The natural sunlight will enhance your glow, giving you a flawless look. Be cautious that you use a setting spray to ensure your makeup look won’t go anywhere throughout the night. 


  • Fluffy Brows – Bridal Makeup Look


Makeup by: Anna Mumau Makeup Artist

Another recent popular makeup trend is fluffy or laminated brows. We are seeing many bridal looks that incorporate this type of brow because it gives a clean finish while proving a natural and full eyebrow. You can incorporate laminated brows into any makeup look that you are doing so they’re very versatile. 


  • 2016 Makeup Trends, But Bridal 



We all know how trends resurface after some time of being unpopular. This is what we are seeing with 2016 makeup trends. As of late we are seeing ‘baking’, dark eyeshadow looks, and other makeup trends that started in the 2016 era, come back in style and we are so here for it. 


  • Slick Bun, Sleek Look 



Hair by: The Harestream 

This next trend, a personal favorite, is a bridal go-to. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a slick back bun or low ponytail. The sleek hair trend has been popular for a little while now and we are starting to see brides and bridesmaids incorporate it as well. This trend proves that sometimes less is more. You can also still wear a veil when doing this look!


  • Half-up Half-down Bridal Hair


Hair by: Bridal by Sweet Peach 

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a great choice if you want to wear your hair down but keep it out of your face. It also can easily accommodate a veil if you’re wearing one. The look ties in a bit of sleekness with half up, but shows off some personality with the rest down.


  • Braided Hair Look



Hair by: Whitney Owen Hair

Another popular bridal hairstyle we’ve seen in the past is the large and fluffy braid. This look is such a fun way to style long, thick hair because it keeps it out of your face while still showing the gorgeous length. You can make it fun by adding beads, pearls, or even flowers to your braid for a special touch.



  • Big Hollywood Curls 



Hair by: Bridal By Sweet Peach 

Hollywood glam is another popular trend as of late. A great choice for brides is going with big, Hollywood curls. If you are going for a more vintage look, consider a side part with your flowing curls! Wearing your hair down doesn’t always create the best look for wearing a veil, but it’s a great option if you’re wearing something else on your head like a tiara or flower crown. 



Remember that your bridal look should be a representation of you. Don’t go with a hairstyle or makeup look that you’re not comfortable with. You should feel beautiful on your big day, but also still like you. 


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