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Buying An Engagement Ring 101

 October 1, 2023

So you’ve decided to pop the question! Or, maybe they’ve already popped the question and you need guidance on picking the perfect ring! Either way, you’ve come to the right place.


We are seeing millennials and younger generations go for a more unique ring style that speaks volumes about the bride. Brides are defying traditional ring colors, shapes, and styles and going for rings that match their personal style.


Advice For The Grooms


If you are a future groom who’s stumbled across this article in hopes to gain some engagement ring knowledge, there are some things about rings that you should know. If you are planning to pop the question completely as a surprise, you may need some guidance in choosing her ring. There are ways to narrow your partner’s jewelry and ring interests without raising curiosity.


First, raid your partner’s jewelry collection to see what style they have the most of. You can also take note of their favorite metal depending on what’s in their jewelry box. Ask their closest friends and family members for advice, just be careful that they won’t spill the beans. Discretely ask your partner’s opinion, unless you think it’ll ruin the surprise. Trust your instincts, and keep the receipt.

Wedding Ring Cuts



The ring’s ‘cut’ refers to its shape and how brilliantly a diamond’s angles interact with the light. There are several diamond cuts and shapes including:


Princess Cut


The princess-cut diamond is typically a square diamond with sharp corners and edges that are slightly larger than a traditional square cut. Princess diamonds have become extremely popular among brides over the past decade.


Emerald Cut


An emerald-cut diamond is rectangular in shape with rounded edges. This diamond can make quite the statement piece for your engagement ring. A bit more retro-inspired, 70’s vibe to it that rotates in and out of style. We don’t predict that emerald-cut diamonds will be going anywhere.


Cushion Cut


The typical cushion cut is shaped similarly to a square but has rounded corners like a cushion. This romantic cut is extremely popular because it is a balance between the princess cut and the traditional circle cut.


Oval Cut


The oval cut gives such an elegant and romantic look. The oval varies from the basic circle which can make your ring a little more interesting.

Pear Cut


The pear-cut diamond, also known as teardrop, has recently become more popular among the younger generations. This unique shape is eye-catching and adds an element of surprise to your wedding ring.


Brilliant Cut

The Brilliant Cut diamond is circular from the birds eye view, but taken apart from the ring and the diamond is actually in the shape of a diamond. The pyramid shape is intended to enhance the sparkle and shine that the diamond gives off.

Wedding Ring Color

Believe it or not, there are diamond colors that you can choose from. You can of course go with the traditional colorless diamond (most common), or if you’re feeling adventurous, choose a colored diamond. See the chart below for the ring color guide.




Carats measure how much a diamond weighs, the price of the diamond increases as carats increase. The amount of carats you go with is going to be determined by your budget. Compare carat amounts and their prices when you are ring shopping.
Ring Metals

Another factor that you will have to consider is the metal of the ring band, where the diamond will sit. You have options! This is where your research will come in handy. For example, if your partner strictly wears yellow gold, you may want to do yellow gold metal for her ring.


Yellow Gold


Yellow gold is your traditional gold without any warm hues.


Rose Gold


Like yellow gold, but with a warmer and pinkier hue. This is not as popular as traditional silver and gold so make sure you talk with your partner before choosing this metal color.


White Gold


White gold is actually closer to platinum than it is gold. It is made up of palladium, nickel, and other metals which gives it a lighter appearance than platinum.



Platinum is harder than pure gold which is good for durability. If your partner is a religious silver wearer, you have to go with platinum.


Should I Insure The Engagement Ring?


If you are investing in a piece of jewelry, you should most definitely insure it. Look into various insurance plans because they can be a lifesaver if your ring gets lost or stolen.


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