Chateau Rive Wedding By Amber Glanville

 November 20, 2015

The artistic elements in this wedding are a refreshing retreat from the world of Pinterest standards. We don’t even know where to begin describing the amazing bouquets from Fleurtations Floral! We love how the ferns take it to an unexpected and wild, yet still trendy level. The natural decor played perfectly off of the rustic, castle-esque beauty of The Chateau Rive.

Jenna from Fleurtations Floral said… “Sarah, the Bride, has travelled the world and lived over-seas doing missions for extended periods of time. She is also an artist herself and very design savvy and open-minded to creativity! She craves anything “outside the box.” In our meeting, she described the look of her wedding as romantic, boho, eclectic. Anthropologie. Sarah has a very petite frame but she said she wanted a huge, drapey bridal bouquet. (The handle of her bouquet was wrapped with a bronze zipper!) She loved greens and textures, and wanted her flowers to be big and WOW!”