Classically Elegant Backyard Wedding

 October 11, 2019

When a wedding photographer gets married, you KNOW it’s going to be completely stunning! These backyard nuptials are the epitome of class and we love all of the fresh greenery that provided a perfect backdrop for saying “I do!” We love this couple’s story so much, it’s a must read:

“For the longest time I felt like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner. I had given up on finding “the one” and was content to celebrate my clients’ happiest day of their life…

Nick and I met through my college room mate, Ali. Aug 5, 2017 happened and changed my life forever. That’s the day I met Nick. That same month Nick bought a 1963 Chevy Nova in Spokane. My dad owned a body shop for 30 years and Nick hired my dad to restore and paint the Nova. It sort of turned into our project car. There are lots of photos of it because it was there from the very beginning of our relationship.”