Colorful and Heartfelt Nursery Wedding in Prosser, Washington

 October 11, 2018

This colorful wedding is so chic! Set in a flower nursery (hello built in decor!) these two selected a bold color palette to match the lush backdrop against which they said ‘I do”. The brides edgy, half up hairstyle is so fun and we love her insight on planning your own wedding.

When asked what the most important part of planning her own wedding was, she said, “We wanted to have everyone there! From the start we decided there wouldn’t be a limit to our guest list. We would do what we had to and budget where we needed to to make sure everyone we love and has loved us could be there.

I was adamant on the taco bar! My favorite food! Donovan was adamant on wearing a full suit, even though it was in August (I had my doubts). He completely planned out the men’s attire and I think he did great!…[my best advice for couples planning their own wedding is] Don’t wait till the last minute for the little details! We were going crazy trying to get everything together the few weeks before the wedding. We thought we had plenty of time….HAHAHA!”