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Creative Bar Menu Signs

 October 13, 2023

Hosting a bar at your wedding? Let your guests know what is available with a creative bar menu!

Here are just a few of the fun and creative ideas we’ve seen:


The Blackboard


Credit: Bridal Bliss


A blackboard is a classic choice and lends itself well to fun chalk art. Place your sign on the bar, or, if you need that surface space, use an easel!


Menu Tip: To make your menu easily readable, group offerings by drink type like the signs above. To make the menu friendly to all, consider listing non-alcoholic offerings here, too!


The Mirror


Credit: Little Mountain Melody and Tiffany Sukola


A mirror is a classy choice that can match any design style, from minimalist to glamour. Plus, your guests can check out their fancy outfits while deciding on a cocktail!


Menu Tip: Pick a signature drink to feature for each. For bonus points, give the drinks a creative name! If you go this route, however, make sure to include the drink’s common name or list the main ingredients to help inform your guests.


The Picture Frame


Credit: Niki Press Designs and Bindle Things


If you are looking for a great paper option, try framing the menu. You can go for a printed option and match your stationery. However, we also love these handmade watercolor menus!


Menu Tip: Illustrating the drink choices makes the sign an instant eye-catcher!


The Glass Pane


Credit: Commellini Estate


We have seen a lot of beautiful ideas with glass painting. This option gives you the choice to embrace the transparency of the glass, or add paint on the back if you want a pop of color! For a large rustic statement, try using an old window frame. Alternatively, go for a smaller moment like the acrylic pane below.


Menu Tip: Both these signs include a catchy phrase to boost the energy and fun of these menus!



Making It A Reality


Okay, so you have picked out your bar selections and know what kind of sign you would like… How do you make it happen? Wedding signs are fun because they are great DIY opportunities. You can repurpose items you already have or even buy them secondhand. With a liquid chalk or paint pen, you can make beautiful things happen!


However, if DIY is not your thing, consider hiring a professional calligrapher near you to create the magic or have it created in a similar design to your stationery. Talk to your stationery designer about creating it for you, or find an online artist to support!