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Designing the Perfect Fall Wedding Cake

 September 15, 2023

Fall is full of crisp weather, falling leaves, and over the last few years, weddings! For a fall wedding, everything should feel in tune with the season. That includes one of the star elements of the wedding reception: the cake! Below is our guide to designing a cake that feels perfect for the season:


The Flavor


Credit: Beth Haxby Cakes


While lemon or strawberry may pair well with spring, we recommend leaning into deeper flavors for fall. Red velvet and chocolate are two well-loved cake flavors that are perfect for fall. Each of these decadent options offers delicious flavors and leans into the deep colors of the season. As burgundy is currently a popular wedding color option during the fall, choosing red velvet is a great opportunity to create a moment of color coordination.


Credit: Butternut Bakery


Carrot cake is another classic option that pairs perfectly with this season. The flavor utilizes in-season produce, making it feel seasonally appropriate. Like red velvet, this flavor also features a color that pairs well with many fall color palettes.


Credit: Nothing Bundt Cakes


Going with a traditional flavor can be a good option for appealing to a wide range of your guests. However, the wedding is your party! If you want to move away from common flavors, we have a few other seasonal flavors you could choose. Try a flavor with seasonal spices, like this unique snickerdoodle option from our featured vendor, Nothing Bundt Cakes! Or, see if your cake maker offers a flavor such as apple cider or spiced pear for a seasonal spice and fruit combo. Use cream cheese or maple frosting to incorporate fall flavors in the icing.




Credit: Inde’s Photo and Breadery


One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive decor is to continue your floral arrangements to the cake. To do this, let both your florist and cake maker know what you are thinking. Your florist will likely have to drop off flowers or greenery to be used on the cake, so it is important they can coordinate.


Credit: Back Home Bakery


Another option, however, is to use seasonal produce on the cake, such as figs, berries, or pears. If appropriate, match the produce to the cake flavor. However, even if you choose a traditional flavor such as chocolate, decking your cake tiers with displays of fruit creates an eye-catching cake!


Other Options


Credit: Nothing Bundt Cakes


Looking to break with traditions beyond just the cake flavor? Try for an unusual cake shape or type. We love the options from our featured vendor, Nothing Bundt Cakes, for exactly this reason. A bundt cake is an unusual and surprising option and creates a great fall cake.


Credit: Tayler Carlisle Photography and The Lyons Farmette


But what if you are just not into cake? Not to worry! For the fall season, why not lean into wedding pies? We have seen couples incorporate these in numerous beautiful ways, whether as a pie tower that resembles a tiered cake, or simply a stunning pie spread! Whatever dessert you choose, make sure you will enjoy it.