Diy 1930s Inspired Vow Renewal In Central Washington

 November 14, 2016

We love a unique wedding, ESPECIALLY when there’s a great story behind it! When this couple finally got to do their 1930s inspired vow renewal in front of family and friends, the results were magical. Everything from the bride’s slinky gown to the vintage brooch bouquet to the stunning stormy skies that served as a perfect photo backdrop made this one unforgettable and extraordinary event!

From The Bride…“My husband and I have a unique story to share about our wedding/weddings. Our first (and secret) wedding was a quick Vegas ceremony in 2013. Most people didn’t know about our marriage because we wanted to celebrate with all of our family and friends at a later date. In 2014, we began making plans to come home to Washington, and renew our vows. However, that was the summer that the Carlton Complex fire claimed my parents’ barn, a huge fire in Washington State that devastated many families. In 2015, we made arrangements to have our wedding/reception at a friend’s barn. As fate would have it, we received news from the army that we were being moved to Washington, so this delayed us yet again.

Finally, the summer of 2016 was our year. My parents rebuilt their barn making it the perfect place to have the wedding/reception. The barn overlooks the small town of Pateros, and beautiful Columbia and Methow Rivers.”