Diy Reader Wedding By Shane Olson

 August 17, 2015

The thing I love most about DIY weddings is the love that pours out through every detail. This reader wedding by Shane Olson Photography is a great example of DIY perfection! Although many couples would get overwhelmed by all of the different elements, Nick & Suzanne kept their focus on what was most important. They planned their incredible DIY wedding in just 3 months! With tons of help from friends and family, their special day came together flawlessly.

“I have a daughter and my husband has a son, so we wanted to make the wedding a celebration of our family. I put the kids in charge of a lot of decisions including picking their own cake flavors and my daughter choosing whatever dress she wanted to wear. Whenever a wedding decision would stump me, I would think about who we are instead of what the wedding traditions are and the answer became easy.”