Don’t Make These Wedding Planning Mistakes!

 July 10, 2018

Everyone is bound to make a couple mistakes when planning their wedding– after all, you don’t have a ton of experience! So we’re rounding up the most common mistakes we see when wedding planning to help you avoid the pitfalls.

1. Don’t over invite! Even if you *know* Great Aunt Bertha isn’t going to RSVP yes, don’t count her out until you actually get the card back. If your venue can only hold 100, but you invite 150 knowing some people will say no, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

2. Don’t put a false start time on your invites. Wedding notoriously run late, right? So if you REALLY want everyone to show up on time, put a 15 minute earlier ceremony start time on your invites and voila! right? WRONG. This is a terrible idea and will inevitably cause frustration, confusion and irritation for guests and your vendors. Consider hiring at least a day of coordinator to help things run smoothly and on time.

3. Skip the videographer– it’s the same as photos, right? We see tons of people opt to save money by skipping a videographer. You might regret it! Having photo and video to look back on allows you to really catch the nuances and small details of the day– like the look on your Dad’s face that split second he first saw you, or the kids playing under the gift table during your first dance. Don’t skimp out on your wedding video– you’ll love having it to rewatch.

4. Don’t worry about the weather. There’s a fine line. You shouldn’t let a 20% chance of rain keep you up at night, but having a solid rain plan B is important if you’re planning on getting married outside. Keep a tent on reserve hold at a rental company or pick a venue with secondary indoor space, just in case! It’s rare, but if you do need to go with Plan B, you’ll be grateful you thought ahead.

5. You can DIY EVERYTHING. Some DIYs are a yes! Some are a hell no. Know your limits and save your sanity.

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