Dreamy Boho Winery Wedding In Walla Walla

 September 18, 2017

We are totally in love with the boho wedding trend. Not only does it lend itself to beautiful and unique details, the nature of it makes for fun and laid back weddings. This couple incorporated so many DIY elements that all came together with the help of family and friends to create a flawless dreamy day. Some of our favorite moments? Floral bridesmaid dresses, chic bow-ties and suspenders, a floral hoop ceremony background, and succulent details… keep scrolling to take in all the goodness yourself! From the bride…

“I was determined not to date in high school, but he was very persistent. The afternoon of graduation we started dating officially. That was five years ago and we are still best friends! Now that we are married, it’s just as great as we had hoped. It’s like a never-ending date!

We both wanted our wedding day to be as fun and laid back as possible. It was so exciting to have an event where our friends and family were all together, and it was magical knowing that everyone was there because they loved and supported us.”