Elegant Garden Wedding in Seattle

 March 27, 2019

As we come out of the winter that never ended (knock on wood!) this bright garden wedding in Seattle is truly a breath of fresh air. The gorgeous florals and sentimental moments show that spring showers truly do bring bright flowers that are worth waiting for!

The bride shared her inspiration behind planning, saying, “We wanted it to be a destination of sorts because Michael and I love to travel, and it would have been tough to pick between California or Colorado. Michael is from CO, and I’m from CA, therefore we figured it was better to pick a place that required everyone to travel to give everyone a trip and wedding to look forward to. Michael has always had a huge draw to the PNW and we eventually settled on Seattle as the place to look. From there, we wanted to find balance in a venue that encompassed many qualities we enjoy. We love the water – but we’re not “beach people” – we love going to cabins – but we’re not “mountain people” – etc. even if we love elements of those types of things. Kiana Lodge really had everything we were looking for and it felt like a hidden gem in Poulsbo. We’re not overly traditional, we love clean and simple aesthetics and we wanted to highlight the essence of the venue as opposed to completely changing the feel of it to something else, or force fit a theme into it.”