Engaged And Overwhelmed?

 March 22, 2016

guest post by Nicole Reither Did your significant other finally pop the question? Congratulations!  These first months are some of the most exciting times when it comes to planning your big day. This is the part where you get to conceptualize your design and theme of your day, what fits with you and your partner as a couple and so much more! We’re talking about a couple ways to stay stress free and excited all the way to the end.

Organization is Key Although this seems like an obvious tip, it is fairly easy to lose track of your ideas, what you have completed and what is still left to do. Think about investing in a wedding specific organizer/planner. Here you can keep all wedding information that includes information like proposals, contracts, ideas, receipts, locations, dates, guest lists and more! If you aren’t old school like us, you can find some great online tools and apps to store all your info. Better yet, check out some of our amazing wedding planners in the area who can handle all the nitty gritty for you!

photo courtesy Michael Fisk Photography

Set Aside Weekly Time to Plan Depending on how long you want your engagement to be and when you set the big day, choose a day or three during the week when you can focus on wedding planning. If you can, work in that time with your future partner so that you two can stay on the same page and split up some of those tasks. It will make the day extra special if he/she feels like they contributed as well. We recommend grabbing that glass of wine, snuggle up on the couch and flip through those piled up wedding magazines and Pinterest boards to get some inspiration together!

photo courtesy Park Road Photography

Bookmark Wedding Blogs Just like we said above, grab that glass of wine and get to flipping (or scrolling!). It’s essential to understand what you do and do not like before you leap too far into the planning process. So bookmark some of your fav wedding blogs (like Apple Brides, of course!), Pinterest, etc. to get those wheels turning.

photo courtesy Bon Vivant Studios

Be Flexible At the end of the day, the most important thing is that planning the wedding didn’t put a divide between you and your S/O. So maybe you REALLY just couldn’t live without that three tiered chocolate cake, but your partner hates chocolate. Understanding where to bend and be flexible is essential to making it through that long engagement. Choose your battles wisely and be sure you are making this process a team effort.

photo courtesy Rogue Heart Media

Consider Hiring a Planner As you dig into the planning process for your big day, remember that it might be in your best interest to work with someone who can help relieve the anxiety that planning a wedding can cause. Let’s be honest, who wants to be coordinating last minute details a week before the wedding when you should be pampering yourself? In the long run, a wedding planner will ultimately save you money, help you think of creative and unique ideas and will provide you a stress-free day. Check out a full list of wedding planners and vendors that can help make your day everything you ever wanted. Congratulations & happy planning!