Ethereal North Idaho Summer Wedding

 December 2, 2016

First of all, if you bring a burger bus to your summer wedding, you KNOW we’re going to be fans! But this wedding had so many sweet moments and incredible DIY elements, we just couldn’t stop scrolling. When family and friends come together to create a couple’s dream day, you can see the love in every detail and every smile. This bride’s grin is contagious and we love a good groom celebration! And the story of how they met will completely melt your heart:

“We met in the Spokane airport. My grandfather was his soccer coach, and we went on a month long trip touring Europe along with playing in tournaments. We met, became friends, and fell in love within three weeks. It was the most romantic month of my life.”

“I really wanted to accentuate the natural beauty of our venue, so I wanted a lot of natural elements to compliment the greenery. And I just loved the pinks, white and navy against the forest background. I was inspired by the vintage windows to incorporate that into our entire wedding, so we found a 50s themed bus that served burgers, and homemade pies and cookies. Altogether it was a perfect day.”