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Flowers, Veils, and Shoes, Oh My!

 January 23, 2023

Wedding Must Haves, Flowers, Accessories, and More. 



Flowers or some form of greenery are almost expected at a wedding. Without it, your photos and overall vibe will be off. Take your florals into consideration before you choose your date, just in case the flower of your choice is only in bloom during certain months. 



We know having flowers, dried flowers, or greenery is a total wedding must, but what are the exact flower must-haves? Flower expert and owner of Spokane Florist shop, Rose and Blossom, informed us about how you can actually repurpose your ceremony flowers for the reception. This is called ‘Flipping the ceremony’ – where your florist will actually reinvent your ceremony decor for the reception, which can save a lot of money. So if you’re worried about costs, this is a great way to stay within your budget. Check out some of the gorgeous wedding floral arrangements made by Rose and Blossom here


Floral items such as corsages and boutonnieres for the bride and groom’s parents should be the first to go if you have a limited budget. Although this is a sentimental tradition, you can always represent these important people in another way that doesn’t involve flowers (for example have immediate family members wear a certain color). 


Most Important Wedding Florals 


  • The Brides Bouquet 

Rose and Blossom Bouquet


It’s just not a wedding without the bride walking down the aisle with a big bouquet of flowers in hand. 


  • Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids Bouquets 



Bridesmaids’ bouquets are another must-have in our opinion. The consistency ties the entire bridal party together. You don’t have to make these bouquets very large and expensive either, as long as they have some sort of bouquet is all that matters. 


  • Ceremony Decor (aisle runner, alter, etc.)


Tying in your flower choice with the ceremony decor is like the cherry on top of the cake. Your wedding looks complete when these three aspects are tied together. If your budget allows, we recommend including some portion of flowers within the ceremony. 



You can obviously go big and bold with your florals and decorate every square inch of your venue with flowers if you’d like. If you have a smaller budget, however, choose the floral option that is right for you. Florists will work within your budget as well, trying to include as much detail as possible while remaining within a reasonable price range. 



Wedding Veils 



Veils are completely optional. As tradition fades, we are seeing fewer bridal veils being worn. Some brides go with an alternative accessory like a flower crown or beaded barrettes, which are both beautiful options. There is something significant about the bride wearing something on her head or in her hair for the wedding. 


If you are skipping the veil, consider one of the following options instead!

  • Beaded clips or barrettes 
  • Flower crown or added florals 
  • Headband 
  • Tiara 
  • Statement bow 
  • Hat 


Bridal Pjs or Robes



This is a newer trend that we’ve seen in the wedding world but are most definitely on board with. We have seen many bridal parties wear matching pajamas or robes while getting ready for the ceremony. It’s a great photo opportunity of the bridal party together, wearing cute matching outfits. You can do this very simple by making your own or you can find them at bridal shops and on Etsy.




Wedding Shoes 


Your wedding shoes are another aspects of your wedding day where you can get really creative if you’d like. There are a couple of things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes, like the venue and the weather. Is the venue grass or gravel? Will it be hot outside? Am I going to be uncomfortable in these? This portion of wedding planning comes later once you’ve determined the date and venue. 



Once you’ve chosen your wedding date, venue, and dress, go with a shoe that showcases your personality. You can do something really fun and unique like a white platform sneaker, or go more formal with a stiletto or pumps. Comfort should be a deciding factor if you plan on spending the entire night in these shoes. 



Remember to choose whatever will make you happy. If you want to do something crazy with your shoes or your veil, do it. It’s your wedding after all! Need help planning your upcoming wedding? Check out our vendors here. Interested in even more wedding trends, tips, and tricks? Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop!