Girl Scout Camp Wedding By Park Road Photography

 April 7, 2015

Set against the sentimental and wild Coeur d’Alene lake couple Scott and Carmen created a true to them wedding weekend and it’s the loveliest idea ever. Sarah from Park Road Photography is about to share more of the sweet day but let’s just pause for a second and appreciate how effortlessly Carmen is pulling off the boho chic bride look. Heart Eyes emojis all around!

As soon as Scott proposed, Carmen knew exactly where their wedding should be held: Camp Four Echoes, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Carmen grew up attending Girl Scout camp there as a child, and knew it would be the perfect venue for a weekend of non-traditional wedding celebrations that would match their aesthetic and style. French country, woodsy, and whimsical flair punctuated the day as they focused on starting their lives together as husband and wife.

Carmen and Scott’s wedding ceremony overlooked Lake Coeur d’Alene and incorporated a tree planting as a symbol of their union. They planted a pine sapling together with dirt from the venue and each of their parents’ homes, and watered it with lake water to keep it fresh for planting at their home together. As they were pronounced married, they invited their guests to join them in the recessional and all of their friends and family walked with them toward the lodge in solidarity of their union.