Gorgeous High Country Family Wedding On Green Bluff

 November 2, 2016

Weddings are about families, among other things, especially when it’s two coming together in a certain way. For this couple, it was just that. Incorporating the grooms’ children and the traditions they’ve made, and will make in the future, was so important to them both. You can truly see how important their family unit is to them, and that’s such a beautiful thing to witness!

When asked if she had any wedding planning advice or if she would have done anything differently, this brides said, “I would have worried less about pleasing everyone. Before you book or plan a single thing, envision what you want it to be. Write that down, and anytime you feel like you are getting caught up in the trends of the moment or what other people are saying, go back to your game plan! Also, don’t overshare what the plans are. The more you share, the more people will pick at your ideas.” From the photographer, “It’s great when two families come together and it’s a perfect fit. For Lynze, Dan and his two kiddos, they found their stride early on and have created an approach that helped ensure their new family was a success. During their wedding in Green Bluff, this new family was the focus. From Dan walking down the aisle with his children, to how they all gathered together to light a unity candle during the ceremony, this was a celebration of family.”