Green Bluff Wedding By Revolver Studios

 January 28, 2015

We have a major crush on this Green Bluff wedding by Revolver Studios and we’re thinking you will too. The fact that most of this DIY wedding was put together by the efforts the couple’s friends and families just makes it extra special. Justine Henderson from Revolver Studios tells us about her favorite moments:

“Green Bluff is possibly one of the Pacific Northwest’s most desirable locations for outdoor summer weddings. Fields, trees, mountains and a perfect sunset. What could be better? How about Tyler and Ashley in front of the camera! The personality that these two and their families brought, made it a blast to shoot (even in the 95 degree heat!). As it often goes, there are favorite parts of shooting a wedding. We couldn’t decide between capturing the genuineness of the first look with Tyler and Ashley, or the few minutes of stealing them away during the reception for a couple shots with the sunset. By the end, we felt like we had known all of them for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a beautiful beginning.”