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Guide To Hosting A Weekend Wedding

 July 1, 2023

Why Have A Weekend Wedding 


If your budget allows, weekend weddings are a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. You can incorporate all the wedding events like the bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinner into this single weekend making it convenient for you and your guests. Weekend weddings are favorable for out-of-town and international guests that you may have attending.

Your guests have one goal – to see you get married. Everything else truly is not necessary, however, it’s fun to make the most out of your wedding if you can! If you are an extra bride who wants this event to be extra special, consider extending your wedding day into a wedding weekend!


They’re Easier To Plan Around

Having all of the critical events occur during a singular weekend makes things easy to plan. You only have to block out and book for one weekend rather than several that are spread out. It’s simpler for everyone involved when the wedding and events revolving around it happen during the same weekend. 


Allows For More Time To Explore


If you are doing a destination wedding, taking advantage of the entire weekend allows you to explore more of the place you’re visiting. Weekend destination weddings feel more like a vacation than anything else. 


What Events Should I Include In My Weekend Wedding? 


If you decided to go for it and host a weekend wedding, you will need to narrow down the events you want to include. You have options!



There is of course the rehearsal dinner which can also be a welcome party if you decide to extend the invitation to non-bridal party members. You can incorporate your bachelor and bachelorette parties as well. The main event is of course the wedding ceremony and reception. Then you can also do something on the day after like a farewell brunch or lunch. 


How To Plan A Weekend Wedding 


  • Hire A Planner Or Coordinator

If anyone knows how to plan and navigate multi-day events, it’s wedding planners and coordinators. You may underestimate this aspect of wedding planning and how beneficial they are when it comes to not only planning the wedding but executing it as well. Your wedding planner or coordinator will help you to find and book all of your vendors, help set up all of your events, and help with take-down after it’s over. 


  • Consider Accommodation And Transportation

Because you are hosting an entire weekend of festivities, it’s important to consider accommodations and transportation for your guests. If a good sum of your guests will be traveling from the same area, consider coordinating a carpool or caravan for guests to travel together. For accommodations, plan for your bridal party to stay together in an Airbnb to make getting ready easier. 


  • State Your Plans In The Invitation

Provide your guests with the entirety of the weekend plans in their invitation so they are well informed of the plan. You will want to include any important addresses they may need for travel.


  • Put Together A Local Guide With Recommendations 


Provide your guests with recommendations for lodging, shopping, and restaurants in the area of the venue. This can be helpful, especially for guests who are unfamiliar with the area. 


  • Tie Your Themes Together 


If you are hosting several events tied to the wedding during the weekend, you may want to consider coordinating their themes and decor so that they all tie together. For example, if your wedding has a Hollywood glamour vibe to it, you could make your welcome party have a ‘20s speakeasy vibe.


  • Make A Weekend Itinerary 


Making an itinerary for the weekend will help you to keep everything in order and everyone on time. With all of the chaos happening, you will need a timeline to reference that will keep everyone on track. 

Weekend Wedding Itinerary Example 


  1. Day One: 
    1. Welcome Party & Rehearsal Dinner at 6 PM
  2. Day Two:
    1. Cocktail hour 4 PM
    2. Ceremony 5 PM 
    3. Bridal Party Photos 6 PM
    4. Reception 6:30 PM 
  3. Day Three
    1. Farewell Brunch 


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