Heartfelt and Sentimental Intimate Vow Renewal at Mt. Rainier

 October 24, 2018

This private vow renewal at the base of Mt Rainier, a true Pacific Northwest icon, is perfect for adventure lovers! These two opted to renew their vows in a private ceremony for their 5th anniversary and paid homage to their love of the outdoors through the location. Small details that have meaning for the couple are what make a wedding so special, so we love the sentimental, special details these two included for this moment that they shared with us.

The bride shared the sentiment behind the jewelry her husband gifted her, and they exchanged during the ceremony.

“According to some if you follow traditional anniversary gifts, year five is wood. Josh represented the wood tradition in a couple different ways. His favorite wood is birch, so he hand carved a small piece of birch, hand sanded and polished it and now holds a bracelet he had custom made for me. Several of the clay beads on the bracelet were made from materials he took from 8 locations that have made a part of our relationship.

Some locations and materials included are; birch bark from Mt. Manadanock, NH, our first mountain we summited together, deck wood from the dock he proposed to me on in Mystic, CT, mulch from our wedding venue, Lakeview Pavillion in Foxboro, MA. Once the beads are made, they stamp each bead with a letter so you know exactly what material is in each bead – now our memories and experiences will forever be with me.

Our rings were made by DaliaWoodia on Etsy who takes KOA wood and hand makes wedding rings. Our rings have an accent piece of mineral called mica in it. When we exchanged those rings, Joshes wood ring took place of his old one. However mine did not. My original rings are a set and still stay on my left hand. The wood ring sits below my grandmothers engagement ring on my right hand.

I am sure many couples looking back on their wedding day can agree that although it was a magical day, the movement of it all shared with a large group creates a certain experience. We chose to do this vowel renewal for us. To connect and share why we fell in love with one another in the first place. We laughed after and asked why we didn’t do this the first time.

We are adventure nuts, National Park hoppers who love to travel. That is why we chose Washington State. With three National Parks to visit we found it fitting to have our vow renewal at one.

I look back at these photographs and I am reminded why I fell in love with my husband and how deeply I care for this man. Sarah Jane captured that.”