Hidden Wedding Costs You Need To Know!

 March 24, 2016

guest post by Nicole Reither

Everything in life seems to have extra, hidden costs; this month’s energy bill was higher than last months, the late night movie showing is more expensive than the matinée, adding bacon to your burger was an additional three dollars. You often don’t think twice about these little costs, but they add up! When planning a wedding, there’s lots of small, often overlooked costs, that can quickly add up to exceed the budget that you have set if you aren’t aware of them. We’re talking about some things that you may not know to expect when planning your wedding budget today.

You also may consider hiring a wedding planner who has all the experience asking the important questions and can help make sure you stay on budget! Venue Knowing what questions to ask your venue will help you eliminate any confusion and last minute costs. For example, knowing the different season prices will help you decide when to plan the big day. You should also note the following when creating your budget. -Gratuity for serving staff, kitchen staff, bartenders, event coordinators, etc. -Licenses to get married on the beach and other areas -Increase due to seasonal demand -Cost associated with setting up equipment -Overtime charges -Cleaning fee

Appearance: Your appearance on your wedding day doesn’t just have to do with your wedding dress. Don’t forget that amazing lingerie you purchased from that boutique down the street that cost you $300 (Hey! It’s your big day, you’re allowed to splurge and feel sexy!) Also consider the following: -Bridal lingerie and shape wear -Additional alterations and fittings -Additional reception clothes -Preserving and cleaning your gown post-wedding -Extra trials for makeup and hair

Ceremony: Yes a marriage license costs money, but usually only an additional $25-$30. Remember, it is also good etiquette to tip your officiant or provide a donation to the church you are getting married at. -Marriage license -Rental of chairs and other furniture if it isn’t included in the venue -Tipping the officiant or thank you gift -Donation to a church

Guests: Do you have a lot of guests traveling from out of town? If so, welcome gifts can be either a large or small additional cost that is easy to forget about! -Welcome gifts for out-of-towners -Transportation from the hotel to the venue

Flowers: Remember our comment about seasonal costs for venues? This is also true for flowers. Make sure you are choosing wisely as out of season flowers can really up your prices. Local florists can help you determine what is in and out of season. -Purchasing out of season flowers -Delivery costs

Food: -Tipping the caterer and bartender -Cake-cutting and corkage feeds -Cocktail reception and bar prices if not included in the catering package

Wedding Paper: Stamps, stamps and more stamps! We’re telling you, this is a big one that gets forgotten about but adds up so quickly. Especially if you are sending out over 200 save the dates AND invitations. Build those into your budget and it won’t be such a shock when it comes time for purchasing. -Stamps -Thank you cards -Place setting cards -Programs -Printing fees

Vendors: Some venues have a list of approved vendors that they work with regularly. These people know the location, rules and already have a contractual agreement with the location. However, if you are bound and determined to have that food truck at your outdoor art gallery wedding then be prepared to jump through some extra hoops to get them set up at your desired location and willingness to fork out a couple extra bills to make it all work. -Non-approved vendors at certain venues may cost more -Vendor meals

Wedding Related Events: This really is no surprise. However, if you decide you want a bachelorette/bachelor party in Vegas or Mexico instead at your local bars or mountain town, then you have to be willing to expand your budget to fit around that, and you may want to build that into your overall wedding budget. -Bachelor and Bachelorette party -Rehearsal dinner -Honeymoon

All the Extras: Don’t forget about bridal party and groomsmen gifts, gifts for your parents and new spouse (if you’re doing so) and sales tax!