How To Avoid The Wedding Planning Hangover

 November 21, 2017

If you’re newly engaged, you might scoff at the idea that, sooner or later, you’ll get burned out on the wedding planning. NEVER, you say! Alas, it’s true. Eventually, most brides start to feel overwhelmed and over it. After all, wedding planning is a lot! All the details and moving pieces, you’ve never done it before and family and friends ALL want to put in their two cents. So how can you avoid feeling like it’s starting to look pretty good to just run to the courthouse and do the damn thing? With a couple of our top tips, you can keep your sanity and your inspiration board.

1. Take a step back, and away. No seriously. Put down the planning magazines, disregard your bookmarked blogs and leave our binder at home. Take a bit of time away from planning to recharge and refresh. Whether that means vegging on your couch all day and not feeling bad about completing exactly zero planning tasks, or taking a little weekend getaway with your fiancé, just give yourself some breathing room. It’s okay! You officially have our permission.
2. Ask for help! Hire a professional coordinator. Ask your maid of honor to help organize your day after brunch. Let your mom organize the rehearsal dinner menu. Ask for help in whatever way you need. It’s okay to not do it all yourself. Even Beyonce has help sometimes!
3. Stay organized, and make lists. Even if you’re not a Type A person by nature, do your best to stay organized and utilize planning tools. Trust us, it’ll make your life so much easier and you can be sure nothing slips through the cracks!
4. Know when to walk away. If you’ve nailed down centerpieces, don’t keep googling centerpiece idea and pinning new concepts. You’ll drive yourself crazy! Once you’ve completed something, put it out of your head and trust yourself. It’s easy to fall down the wormhole of ‘what else, what else’ and think more, more, more, but more is not always better.
5. Keep the bigger picture in mind. Remember, you’re not just planning a big party. Your planning your wedding, which starts your marriage. You’ve heard the saying a beautiful marriage is just as important as a beautiful wedding, right? Try to keep things in perspective as you get overwhelmed or tired. At the end of the day, whether your silverware is gold or silver or the florist uses roses instead of peonies, you’ll still be married to the love of your life, and that’s the whole point.