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How To Create Welcome Bags Your Guests Will Love

 August 10, 2017

If you have a majority of your wedding guests coming in from out of town, it’s common to create welcome bags for them, usually to greet them at their hotel or lodging when they arrive in town, to add a special, personalized touch to your wedding weekend. You’ve probably seen tons of cute ideas on Pinterest floating around, right? While welcome bags are admittedly a lot of work, they go a long way in making weary travelers feel appreciated. SoWe’re sharing a few of our favorite ideas to inspire your creative, wedding craft juices to get flowing!

1. ALL the info. All of it. An itinerary for the weekend, a list of favorite local spots to see, restaurants you like, places of noteworthiness, a list of local taxi numbers/Uber info, directions to the wedding, your hashtag and any other pertinent info guests may need, may have left at home or generally might not have on hand immediately is always helpful, and advised.
2. Something to eat, preferably made locally. Because everyone loves snacks, and it’s always important to #supportlocal and show your out-of-towners why the INW is best!
3. Skip anything over 3 oz. If your out of town guests are flying, they probably won’t have room for that bottle of wine, nor will they want to check their bag to get it home. Save everyone some hassle, and yourself wasted money, and opt for only liquids under 3 oz.
4. If they can’t eat it or use it this weekend, think twice. Unless it’s edible or guests can use it during their trip (a small bottle of sunscreen, airplane bottles of booze or a locally made chapstick) it very well could get left behind, and wasted. Skip anything that won’t get immediately used in favor of more traveler-friendly items.
5. Water and a packet of pain reliever. Partying hard with your friends and family is the best part of a wedding! Traveling with a  hangover is the worst part

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