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How To Curate A Custom Wedding

 May 1, 2023

What Does A Custom Wedding Mean?


A custom wedding just means that you are choosing elements and designs that speak to and relay your personalities as a couple and as individuals. For example, your wedding-day playlist is curated with all your favorite songs, your colors are a combination of your favorites, etc. There are so many ways to incorporate a theme of ‘customization’ into your big day. Here are some of our favorite ways to customize your wedding to fit you and your fiancé. As a disclaimer, you can achieve many of these ideas with DIY elements and on your own. Your wedding will be perfect and magical regardless of the process of getting there. 


A Unique Guestbook


There are many alternatives to the typical guestbook. We have seen old-school telephones that your guests leave you a voice message on, postcards that your guests fill out and place in a mailbox, polaroid cameras for a picture memento, and more. You can get fun with this and incorporate whatever you love. If you’re a music lover, have your guests sign records. Another idea is to have your guests write you ‘wishes’ or ‘date ideas’ and stick them in a jar for you to open up later on. Signage by MangoInk. 


Signature Cocktails 

One of my favorite ways to add a custom element to your big day is by providing a signature cocktail. Typically couples will do two, one for the bride’s favorite cocktail and one for the groom’s.
Signage by MangoInk.


Include Your Pets

Another great way to incorporate something personal is to include your pets in your big day. Whether they walk down the aisle or simply make a debut at the reception, it can be a special memory to look back on one day.
Signage by MangoInk.


Interactive Reception Activity

There are many different activities or games that you can incorporate into your reception in order to add an element of fun to the evening. A popular choice among recent brides is to include a photo booth! Spokane Photo Booth provides many backdrop options to choose from that will match whatever your theme is. Photo booths are great because not only do they provide your guests with a ton of fun, but they also provide a photo keepsake that they can take home.


Your Favorite Dessert


Lastly, we can’t forget about dessert. Your wedding dessert does not have to be traditional by any means. Skip the cake if it’s not your thing, and go with a dessert that you both love! If you are not huge sweets people, opt for something unique like a churro bar! A tasty and unique dessert choice that we’ve seen recently is bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Their delicious cakes come in various flavors and sizes, perfect for large events. They are not your average cake or cupcake! 


In summary, your wedding day is meant to be all about you and your fiancè – which is why we heavily recommend designing the entire day around you. Try not to worry too much about what others will think or want because, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding, not theirs. 


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