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How to Involve Moms of All Kinds on Your Wedding Day

 May 11, 2020

Millions of people throughout the world celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday. And as we reflected on those that we hold most dear, we thought of all the different ways you can involve the special mothers in your big day. No matter who you want to honor – your mom, your mother-in-law, a bonus month, stepmom, grandmother, maternal figure – we’re providing thoughtful suggestions on how to include them!

Getting Ready

Sure, it is is a ton of fun to toast champagne and run around in robes with your bridesmaids, but there are some really incredible moments as you get ready that you can have mom join in too! We love it when a mom helps the bride get into her dress, just as she helped you get dressed thousands of times before. You can give her a gift to commemorate the day, or even just write her a sweet note and have her read it. These moments of raw emotion will give you some incredible photos and long-lasting memories.

Walk Down The Aisle

The tradition of just the bride’s father walking her down the aisle is antiquated. There are no rules saying you can’t have your mom walk arm in arm with you as you meet your so-soon-to-be spouse. After all, she was a huge part of your life and raised you to be the person you are today too, right? 

A Rose Ceremony

No, not like on The Bachelor. Many couples with mixed families and lots of loved ones hand out roses during their ceremony. Pick all of the most special women in you and your spouse’s life, and take some time to give them a rose. It is a small gesture, but it will make everyone feel recognized and included. 

One last (very important) thing to note. If going out of your way to include someone in your wedding will cause you extra stress, emotional trauma, or unnecessary drama, it’s okay to skip it. It is your day and your happiness and mental health are of the utmost importance!