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How To Match Your Wedding Look To Your Engagement Ring

 October 22, 2020

From magazines and TV shows to friends and family, there are lots of places brides-to-be turn to for wedding inspiration. But if you want your big day to be as personal and meaningful as possible, why not take a closer look at what will forever symbolize the start of your journey towards marriage? We are, of course, talking about your engagement ring.

Receiving your engagement ring was the first big milestone and it will always represent the moment you and your partner decided to tie the knot. The piece is also unique to you and should perfectly reflect your own style and taste. With all that in mind, why not make it the source of your wedding day aesthetic? From your bridal look to your decorations, there are so many ways you can match the event to your beloved engagement ring. We’ve partnered with Taylor & Hart to share a few ideas for using your engagement ring as inspiration for wedding inspiration

Wedding Bands
Naturally, you’ll want a wedding band that perfectly complements your engagement ring as you’ll be wearing them side by side for the rest of your married life. This is even more important if you have a striking and unique custom made engagement ring. If your center jewel is out of this world, you don’t want a boring wedding band accompanying it.


It might be useful to contact the jeweler who made your engagement ring too, as it’s possible they’ll already have a band designed to match. Jewelers Taylor & Hart, for instance, offer a custom ring designing service, where you can design your own engagement ring and create a wedding band that matches.


Some of the most popular wedding band designs include diamond, geometric and two-tone, and we’d recommend trying on different kinds to see which style best complements your engagement ring. Most brides tend to stick to the same width and metal, though feel free to break this rule if you want a bolder look.

Color Scheme
The gemstone is the focal point of your engagement ring and, if it’s colored, can be great inspiration for your wedding day color scheme. Ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green and topaz gold are all beautiful hues that convey luxury as well as sentimentality. You can also emphasize this core shade by mixing it with the color of your ring’s precious metal, like red and gold or blue and silver. Rose gold is particularly fashionable for weddings at the moment, so definitely consider this if it matches your band.

Make-Up & Nails
Your engagement ring’s gemstone can guide the color of your nails and eyeshadow, although you don’t necessarily need to match. Sometimes contrast can be more effective, like an emerald gemstone offset by a metallic bronze manicure. Aside from color, the style of your ring can help you identify the beauty trends to follow on your big day. For example, if you have a simple but classic solitaire ring, choose a chic French manicure and minimalist bridal make-up. Or what about a ring that’s big on the bling, with multiple diamonds and a dazzling center stone? Perhaps you could maximize this sparkle with glamorous diamond nail art and shimmery make-up with lots of glitter!

Venue & Decorations
If your engagement ring has a distinct style, this could be the basis of your wedding theme, and therefore the venue and decorations. An Art Deco ring, for instance, lends itself perfectly to a 1920s-style wedding. Similarly, a bohemian, outdoor ceremony is perfect for an Art Nouveau ring as this movement was inspired by natural forms, while a stunning gothic wedding matches an ornate Baroque ring.

This post has been brought to you in partnership with Taylor & Hart. All opinions are, as always, our own, and we appreciate you supporting the brands that support Apple Brides!