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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Colors

 May 16, 2018


There are a few tasks that top the beginning of your wedding planning checklist. Picking a datea venue and colors are great starting points! No pressure though, right? They’re only the entire basis of your big day. Don’t stress, starting out doesn’t have to be stressful. We’re sharing a few tips for picking the perfect wedding colors for you and your fiancé!

1. Think about what you already love. If your closet is filled with pink, or your have a serious affinity for neutrals in your home, maybe you want to stick with your tried and true. Ask yourself what colors you and your babe really love or are drawn to, and take inspiration from those.

2. Consider the season and venue. While you can make almost any colors work for any season or style, picking accent colors or metal colors might be swayed by certain seasons or styles of wedding. Consider when and where you’re getting married when bringing a color palette together.

3. Think outside the box! Don’t get bogged down by what you’ve seen a million times before just because they’re this season’s trendy colors. Do whatever floats your boat! Get unique with it- maybe you want all mixed metallics, or you want really bright colors even though everyone is voting for ivory and cream. Whatever speaks to you- listen!

4. Take a look at your inspiration boards- all of them! Look at what you love on Pinterest, magazine clippings and anywhere else you hoard things that inspire you, and it doesn’t just have to be wedding related. Do you see any color or style themes? Maybe they’re unexpected or subconsciously, but we tend to collect what inspires us.

Whatever colors you select, whether it’s 2, 3 or a whole rainbow, stay true to you and your fiancé and do what you love, because after all, the best compliment a wedding guest can give is “that was just so them!”