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How To Plan A Small Wedding At Home During The Pandemic

 September 24, 2020

So your big plans for a destination wedding have been dashed, but the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean love has been cancelled. Soul mates all over the world are finding interesting and creative ways to say “I do”, including intimate weddings at home with only their nearest and dearest.

To get you inspired, we recently spoke to Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond jewelry and engagement rings, to bring you these expert tips for hosting a beautifully small wedding at home.

Keep It Local

Whether it’s a local venue or a private property, you have so many options when staying close to home. Guest comfort (and yours) is of massive importance, and there’s no reason you can’t have your beautiful dream wedding while utilizing vendors in your local area. Some may even find that it’s more reasonably priced or less stressful to plan a smaller, more intimate event close to home.

Hire Professional Vendors

A home-based event doesn’t have to mean DIY if you don’t want it to. Hiring a great team of professional vendors will make things easier on you, help it flow smoothly, and ensure you abide by all best practices and safety measures.

A professional planner or coordinator will be able to help you navigate what additional measures you can take to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable, like keeping guest count small or renting sanitizer stations.

Turn Tradition On Its Head

I love to see couples taking a tradition and giving it a twist to make it their own. Whether that means having a first dance with their siblings or maybe Grandma walking the bride down the aisle–make it work for you!

There is no rule book for weddings, so think outside the box. Having the flexibility of a home-based wedding truly makes the sky the limit when it comes to thinking creatively.