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If you want to add a fun, interactive element to your wedding day, look no further than a photo booth! With customizations that make your event totally unique, it's just what you need to help everyone create lasting memories. Keep reading for more information about two of our favorite photo booths!


FunnyBooth offers fully-customizable open-air photo booth experiences that highlight YOUR unique vision for your wedding! Every detail from the backdrop, design templates, prop choices and display are brought together for a visually cohesive, chic, and fun experience for you and your guests! All photos taken during your wedding are instantly shareable so as guests choose to text or email their photos to themselves they'll receive a personal message from you, thanking them for being a part of your special day! 

Max Photo Booth

Guests can record up to a 30-second live video message for the bride and groom. Max Photo Booths include custom colors and graphics a welcome screen, and music. You also have the option to send copies to Facebook, email, or Instagram for you and your guests. Our open photo booths have screens on both sides of the unit, so guests can enjoy just watching people being silly