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When you choose a professional to do your makeup on your wedding day, you want someone who "gets" you. You will look most stunningl if your look is an elevated version of your natural beauty! Alexi Sage understands this! She is totally flexible to create the wedding look of your dreams, no matter who you are! Keep reading to learn more about Alexi Sage's wedding day makeup services!

{photos courtesy Jaime Denise Photography & Rachel French}

How long have you been doing makeup?

I've been doing makeup professionally for 12 years, doing everything from private in-salon clients and bridal parties to tv and film.

What inspires your makeup style? 

My makeup style is inspired by the real person sitting in my chair. I specialize in creating a look for my clients that allows them to be the most beautiful version of themselves, but most importantly not feel like they look like a different person at the end of the day.

{photos courtesy Deneise Bucko Photography & Anna Peters}

How do you help brides choose the right makeup for their wedding day?

I'm a big believer in a thorough consultation and open communication. I love when my brides tell me what they love, what makes them feel their most beautiful and work together to create a look that matches their vision of their big day.

What should a bride look for in a makeup artist?

Look for someone who's licensed, has experience, and varying photos in their portfolio with different skintones and age ranges. Just because someone can do makeup well on their own 20-year-old face doesn't mean they can also do makeup well on your grandmother! Most importantly, make sure you have a connection with the person and can openly talk to them about your questions and concerns, and they do what you ask instead of just doing what they want.

{photos courtesy Tiffani Given Photography & Nick Brimmer Photography}

Do you do bridal party packages?

Yes! I can accommodate small or large parties and am available for the events leading up to your big day - including boudoir shoots, bachelorette parties, bridal brunches or even a group class for your wedding party!

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