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As a New York Institute of Photography graduate, Oxana Brik knows a thing or two about good photography. So what does that mean for you? It means beautiful, light and modern photos of your big day that you'll cherish forever. But you don't just have to take it from us! Take a look!

video by Max Yuryev

Oxana shared what makes her realize when she's gotten the perfect shot. She said, "When my couple is truly relaxed and I get to capture their pure emotions, that's what I'm looking for. That moment when they forget the camera is there and they simply enjoy each other. It doesn't even have to be the most epic background, I believe what's inside, your heart and your deep love for each other - those things create the environment, and that speaks louder than backdrop, colors or editing."

Oxana also shared some advice for couples preparing for their wedding photos, saying, "Cameras and flashes tend to "steal" colors from your beautiful face. So if you have just plain "everyday makeup" on, it may look like you don't have ANY makeup on the photo. That's why it's okay to emphasize your gorgeous features (eyes and lips especially) in order to look great in the photos. I recommend that you get a trial done before the wedding day and maybe even do your engagement photos that same day, so you can test how your makeup looks in the photos. Most of the time, the way it looks in the mirror is never how it'll turn out in the photos. Many makeup artists these days are aware of this, so don't panic if it seem like too much make up at first. Your wedding gown is not everyday dress, so  your hair and makeup shouldn't be either!"

Oxana Brik shares her 7 tips for rocking your wedding photos here! You can find more info about Oxana Brik Photography on her website.