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"Not another wedding blog..." Thats what you're thinking. Well before you loop me in with the millions of nuptial bloggers who've come before me, let me just clarify that this is a blog with a difference.   Who's it for? This is the site for Spokane area brides. That's right, just the Spokane area. For brides who know that Dick's restaurant is where the Spokane area seagulls hang out; for girls who know that David's Bridal is in the Valley and who know that Northtown Mall is slowly plummeting to the bottom of the mall rankings in Spokane. Yes, this is the site for Spokane area brides. Right now it is simply a blog, but I hope to grow it into THE source for planning a wedding in Spokane. I hope to turn it into the comprehensive resource for planning a wedding in the Spokane area. Why? This site was born from my experience of planning a wedding in Spokane. I was married last October (2009) at the Davenport Hotel and found Spokane's wedding presence online... awful. And unlike most US cities, huge sites like The Knot and Martha Stewart didn't even mention Spokane! I couldn't find a comprehensive supplier directory anywhere! I couldn't find pictures of venues, price lists, cake portfolios and most of all I couldn't find reviews from REAL brides about the vendors I was considering. I didn't want to read marketing text, I wanted to hear real experiences. I wanted to know where to find the cheapest hydrangeas, where is the best place for a spa day for bridesmaids and who has the best spray tan...but alas...there was nothing. Who am I? My name is Rachel, born and raised in the Lilac City. I am currently editor of B Wedding Magazine in Dublin, Ireland, where I live with my new husband Mark. And how do I intend to author a Spokane wedding site from Ireland? Well... I spent 24 years in Spokane, just planned a wedding there and visit frequently, I might as well be an expert! I am still a Spokane girl, just in a different place with plans to return eventually. I simply saw a need for Spokane brides and decided to try to fill it. What? My goal is to make this a place where you can source all the information you need to make wise decisions about your wedding. Where you can see venues, photographer portfolios and where you can hear from other brides. There are no paid advertisers on this site, so it is a place you can trust. I hope to use my knowledge of the industry, input from the brides of Spokane and communication with wedding suppliers to give well-rounded reviews of  wedding professionals. Obviously this will take time to build up, so please bear with me. The success of this project depends on the input of the whole wedding community in the Spokane area, so please drop me a line if you're interested in contributing.