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This sweet little engagement session on the river that winds through the Palouse is proof that sometimes good things come from being spontaneous! Unplanned and caught just a day after they got engaged, this cute couple got some epic shots in the canyon. We love the wide, panoramic views that make you feel small just looking at them. It's a nice reminder sometimes that we're surrounded by a big, big world. From the photographer, "This session is unique because this engagement shoot wasn't planned. My husband and I were in Palouse helping my younger brother set up his proposal. We were staying for the weekend, so the day after the proposal we spontaneously decided to do their engagement photos. We photographed them on the Snake River, in the same location the proposal happened. It happened to be around sunset when we arrived and it was so much fun to be able to photograph family for the first time!"


Vendors: Photographer: M Laine Photography  SaveSave