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Catering at a wedding is SO important-- it's one of the largest things that has an overall impact on how much your guests enjoy your day. After all, a wedding is, at it's heart, a party, and what's a party without great food?! Greenbluff Fresh gave us some awesome insight into what they do best, and why it's so important for your event.


How long have you been in catering? My husband and I have over 20 years experience in the catering industry. Previously, I was an event coordinator with an emphasis on wedding catering and organizing . He worked in banquets at the convention center and was a chef in his native country, Jamaica, before we purchased a food truck, The Jamaican Jerk Pan, in 2012. For the past four seasons, we have been serving up Spokane with the city's only Caribbean cuisine and catering all along the way. Now, we have started Greenbluff Fresh Catering Company, strictly for this unique catering experience. What type of food do you specialize in? Greenbluff Fresh was created to bring fresh, quality, ripe ingredients from our very local farms to couples looking for traditional meals with a distinct twist. The produce is literally hand picked by us, so you are guaranteed full-flavored fruits and vegetables. Our monthly menus are based on what is in season on the bluff. So, from strawberries to squash, we utilize everything this area offers including wines, honey, eggs and herbs while continuing to support the small farmer.


What makes your food and service unique? Our food is unique because it is actual fresh ingredients, from the farm, not the store. Each month's menu is tailored to the seasonal offerings Greenbluff provides in that period. My husband has a flare for seasoning meat that is a real game-changer which renders proteins rich and flavorful. When you are cooking with exceptional ingredients, it really makes our job easy. Our service is distinctive because of our commercial kitchen on wheels which enables us to cook onsite. We are able to prepare buffet style service, plated meals, coursed meals, and what sets us apart is we can also deliver food truck style window service, all while staying until everyone is served. Do you deliver and set up? We not only set up and deliver, but we cook onsite and stay until everyone has eaten. We keep a watchful eye on the buffet table, ensuring food stays stocked, and once everyone is finished we tear down. We can even cut your cake for you!


What is your favorite/most popular dish? We have meticulously constructed six separate menus from June through October and another menu that spans the off season of November through May, so its hard to pick my most favorite item! Some of my favorites include the caprese chicken on our July menu which uses the fresh tomatoes that have just began to ripen, basil from our farm, scratch made garlic infused olive oil, mozzarella, and a quick drizzle of a balsamic reduction. Our September pork loin is stuffed with diced Greenbluff apple, caramelized onions, and rum soaked cranberries then basted with apple butter and served with the pan drippings on top. My most favorite appetizer item is probably our honey-dijon chicken skewers with a garlic ginger sauce which utilizes Greenbluff honey and garlic. Also, we make five unique barbecue sauces for each corresponding month of strawberry, cherry, blackberry, plum, and apple. These barbecues sauces can be found in multiple areas of the menus from our savory meatballs to our barbecue chicken wings or in our pulled pork sandwiches. Do you do custom menus? We do, and we love to! We have a wedding coming up where the bride's family owns a farm and will be providing all the proteins. For their menu we will have fresh lamb and pork to make curried lamb, jerk pork, and a Jamaican style pork, with a smashed potato salad and cabbage and carrot slaw with our Greenbluff ingredients. We are happy to make custom menus as it keeps us creative. Can you cater for special dietary needs? Yes! We specialize in making vegan and vegetarian food that tastes good! Our most favorite is zucchini noodles sauteed in garlic olive oil with a garden tomato and basil sauce on top or our potato gnocchi (which can also be gluten free) served with sauteed portabello and tossed with a scratch made pesto. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, kosher, or other food sensitivites, we can accommodate all!


All photos courtesy Greenbluff Fresh

What price does your menu start at? Our entree items include your choice of protein and three accompaniments with a complimentary beverage station starting at $15 a person. We also have a great appetizer menu for couples with smaller budgets who could feed their guests with heavy appetizers for around $10 a person. We are willing to work with most budgets, so please ask!  

Find out more at the Greenbluff Fresh website, and don't forget to check out the great special they're currently running at the Apple Brides Deals page!