Interactive Wedding Reception Activities

 March 13, 2023

Weddings can be fun and memorable when you incorporate tiny details that make the day extra special. Remember that you do not need to spend a fortune on entertaining your guests. They are there to see you get married and that’s entertainment enough. If you do choose to include an interactive activity during the reception, it can add that certain element of personality to your event that makes it noteworthy. We’ve put together a guide of reception activities, in a range of budget options, for you to get inspiration from!


Wedding Reception Photo Booth


Photo booths are not only exciting but also provide your guests with photo keepsakes that they can cherish for years to come. Spokane Photobooth provides backdrops and fun props for your own wedding photo booth. Check out their website to see their package options, backdrops, and gallery of past weddings they’ve done. If you’re interested in a very lively and interactive wedding favor, consider going with a photo booth!


Guestbook Signing


Your guests will love signing a guest book and leaving a special message for you and your partner. This is something that doesn’t cost very much money but still provides you with a sentimental memento afterward. You can get creative with your guestbook as well. We’ve seen couples do giant puzzles as their ‘signing book’, or wooden initials. Another fun guestbook idea is using an old typewriter that your guests can type a message to you on.


The Shoe Game 

This is a popular reception game that’s been trending for weddings in the past few years. The shoe game is where the bride and groom sit back to back, facing away from each other, and hold one shoe from either person in each hand (the bride holds one of her shoes and one of the groom’s and vice versa). Then the DJ or someone from the bridal party asks a series of questions to the couple, to which they respond by holding up either shoe. For example, if asked ‘who always does the dishes?’ they would respond with either one of her shoes or one of his, depending on who they feel fits the answer. 


Disposable Camera or Polaroid Cameras


Consider purchasing disposable or polaroid cameras for each table around the reception for a less-expensive photo booth option. Leave a note alongside it instructing your guests to snap photos of themselves and others during the party. Once the event is over you will have so many candid and guest-provided memories to share and look back on. Your guests will love the idea of getting to take photos of themselves and each other.


Wishes or Dates Ideas In A Box 

Another creative interactive activity is to have a large box with an opening, along with several paper hearts or notecards that your guests can write ‘wishes’ or ‘date ideas’ that they have for you. Your guests will love knowing that you are going to read them all someday.


Prosecco Pong

You might consider Prosecco Pong if you want to create an adult party vibe at your reception (like beer pong, but with champagne). Using champagne with fun glasses will not only get your guests excited but is also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional beer pong.


Signature Cocktail Bar 

For your guests to choose from, add ‘signature his and hers drinks’ to the menu if alcohol will be served. This is a fun way to add another personal touch to the evening by using your favorite beverage. 


Again, you do not need any sort of planned activity whatsoever, but it can be fun to add something with a personal touch. A few of these ideas won’t cost you anything extraordinary either which makes it easy to include no matter your budget. 

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