Looking For The Perfect Locally Made, Inland Northwest Inspired Gift?

 May 8, 2017

After everything your bridal party will do for you, you want to give them an amazing gift to say thank you, right? We hear from readers all the time that they want something local, or something that reflects the beautiful area they’re getting married in, that’s so special to them. That’s why when we discovered Rare Ayre, we immediately thought of how perfect of a gift it would make for your ‘maids, or moms! Rare Ayre is a fragrance line which derives its inspiration from the Northwest part of the United States (the best part, in our humble opinions), and their fragrances represent each of the 4 seasons. Rare Ayre fragrances smell like nature in the region they represent, making them the perfect PNW inspired gift for your bridal party, mom, or any other special someone in your life.

Besides the beautiful, imaginative packaging and presentation, Italian made glass bottle and old fashioned atomizer that make the fragrance a beautiful gift in and of itself, each box also includes a booklet that describes it’s unique, Northwest regional inspired history. The cover that’s included is a signed copy of a painting done by local northwest artist, Kathlyn Kinney. Supporting local is the basis of what Apple Brides is all about, and Rare Ayre is the perfect Inland Northwest inspired gift for all the occasions surrounding your big day!

Not sure what the best scent for your ‘maids would be? They’ve got it covered! You can opt for a testing set, which is a small box and thank you card, complete with tester vials of all the four seasons and a card inviting the recipient to choose their favorite scent, and return to Rare Ayre for a full size bottle. If it were us, we’d order an extra one of those for ourselves too, we won’t tell!

all photos courtesy Phil Anderson

Michelle, the creator of Rare Ayre, was inspired by her past local roots to create this fragrance line. She recalls, “My grampa said all his sister did was ‘party’, and he may have been right. My Great Aunt Lily posthumously lent credence to his accusations in an album of photos we inherited in 1968. It contained a score of scenes of her and cohorts drinking beer and having fun in and around local Spokane lakes during the early 1900s. It is a treasure. I take it out whenever I need a laugh!

There is an interesting uniformity about about the pictures. If you stripped the derby hats and suspenders off the men and replaced them with ball caps, drew pants on the women and pasted a few muscle cars over the 1900 era Chevys, you would have a modern chronicle of kids enjoying a magnificent summer. It’s proof that a lovely day at the lake looks the same in every generation.The photos also confirm a common Northwest provincial assumption. A life lived out of doors is rare and fine. We are lucky to have filled our days with adventure and fellowship underneath the pine tree sweet air..I hope to have captured that rarified air in each bottle of fragrance. I believe that Northwest America in a bottle is a bracing travel companion along the road to adventures everywhere.”

Want to snag one for yourself? Check our Rare Ayre!

This post was sponsored by Rare Ayre, but all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the vendors that support Apple Brides!