Manito Golf Course Wedding By Valorie Darling Photography

 December 26, 2014

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we plan on spoiling you any less. This classically beautiful Manito Golf Course wedding by Valorie Darling Photography will have you smitten and longing for Spokane in the summer. Here’s what Valorie had to say about this gorgeous day:

“Camille and John grew up together having summer lake cabins next to each other on Lake Pend Oreille. Who would have thought years later they would find themselves in love and now married? Camille was one of three girls, while John was one of four boys! They went to rival high schools and college states apart, but did long distance. After college they traveled though out Europe and Africa. Going on safaris, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro and getting engaged in Amsterdam. The few days before the wedding Camille lost one of her closest cousins in a tragedy. Seeing their family pull together during such a devastating time was truly inspiring. The love and strength they showed was the true definition of what family is all about. Her father gave the most heartfelt speech about his daughters including lots of laughs and then when he touched on the family’s week he couldn’t get through it… The girls all got up to embraced him as they wept and prayed as a family. Camille’s mother continued the speech and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It’s moments like this that remind me of the importance of my job as a photographer. I get the honor of being a part of a family’s most intimate and precious moments, witnessing raw emotion and love.”