Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers

 April 3, 2023

There are so many options when it comes to wedding flowers. Your choices will vary depending on your venue and the season of your wedding date. The best seasons for ultimate floral options are Spring and Summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning florals for your fall or winter wedding! We had the opportunity to chat with Terri from Rose and Blossom on the Apple Brides Podcast, along with Lily of Flowers by Lily Garland, who gave us insight into which flowers are most popular, and for what season. Check out the list we compiled for the most popular wedding flowers you can incorporate on your big day!




Peonies are lush florals that make the perfect wedding bouquet filler and are heavily loved for their bright colors and sweet scent. You can also create very diverse styles with peonies depending on the theme of your wedding. d


Cabbage Roses


As a member of the rose family, Cabbage Roses are similar to the original rose but differ in fullness. They have lots of petals giving them a full and clustered appearance. These have become super popular as an alternative to regular roses because of their dramatic and breathtaking look. 


Calla lilies 

Lilies have a unique look to them and are more extended, skinnier flowers, as opposed to short and full. This makes a great addition if you want to add a fun and interesting element to your bouquet. 



Another fun choice is Dahlias for their various colorations and gorgeous petals. Spring brides should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to use this flower if they get it! This gorgeous assortment was created and styled by the talented Rose and Blossom florists. Check out their website to see the other wedding florals they have created. 





Although not technically a flower, we include Eucalyptus because of how gorgeous it is when incorporated into wedding floral arrangements. Especially for spring and summer weddings, adding various greenery adds texture and draws eyes to the decor. 




This is a flower that comes in many different color variations but makes a great bouquet filler flower. Anemone flowers have a unique dark center that gives your bouquet depth. 




For a less-traditional choice, Astilbe is a beautiful addition to your wedding bouquet for that ‘fairy-like’ aesthetic. This flower tends to be popular during the spring and summer months but you will even see them well into fall.




Ranunculus flowers are gorgeous, round blooms that are best around late winter or early spring. They make great bouquet flowers because they have a very full appearance.



Nothing beats the bright and mesmerizing look of Chrysanthemum flowers. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes making them a great flower to work with a great choice for wedding floral arrangements. 


Sweet peas


Sweet peas have such a fun and unique look to them and can spice up any ordinary bouquet. It is important to note that they are best in the springtime, but they come in a large variety of colors. 



Iris is another beautiful flower choice for those who love purple. They are longer-stemmed flowers that are good for adding dimension to your bouquet. 


Baby’s breath

The last one is such a versatile flower that can be added to greenery, bouquets, or even styled alone. Brides have used baby’s breath in their arbor, on tablescapes, in boutonnieres, and more. We predict that this will continue to be a popular wedding floral choice for quite some time.

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