Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

 October 31, 2022

Planning a wedding is a marathon in itself, which is why I can’t imagine the stress of having to plan a honeymoon as well. The honeymoon is arguably the best part about getting married though and really puts the cherry on top of the entire celebration. Having that getaway moment with your new husband or wife makes for such special memories that you’ll share for many years to come. However, you do not have to break the bank to accomplish a successful honeymoon. This list should give you insight into a variety of honeymoon locations for every type of couple, and budget. 




Beach Honeymoon – Antigua & Barbuda


Kicking it off with a warm beach destination for the obvious, sunny, and relaxing honeymoon vacation, we have Antigua & Barbuda Island. Known for its reef-lined beaches and rainforests, the island is positioned between the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. Celebrate your new chapter in life with tropical fruit, stunning white sand beaches, and one-of-a-kind sunsets. If you’re into water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing, Barbuda is the place for you. 





For the ‘Adventurous Couple’ – White Mountains, New Hampshire


Don’t feel like you need to leave the continent to have a good time. New England is not your average honeymoon vacation for the not-so-average couple. Nature lovers will fall in love with the White Mountains with snow-covered peaks of the northern Appalachians. Enjoy low-cost attractions like various hiking trails, boat rentals, and tranquil resorts.




A Little Bit of Everything – Croatia


Croatia is an unexpectedly gorgeous destination with waterfalls, lakes, historical ruins, and more. The crystal blue water is perfect for sailing or kayaking, and you can enjoy the lush forests and white sandy beaches. If you admire the scenery of Italy, without the chaotic tourism, then Croatia is the spot to look into. 





Destination Honeymoon – Bali 


For romantic scenery and unusual tourism packages, an Indonesian honeymoon in Bali might be what you’re after. Enjoy a sunset Catamaran cruise, stroll through the flowering marigold fields, or have a romantic picnic on the infamous Asah Hill. 





Romantic Northern Lights – Iceland 


If you’re an adventurous couple that wants to sightsee and explore a myriad of nature’s landscapes, then you may want to choose a destination like Iceland. You’ll have the opportunity to go horseback riding throughout the countryside, discover hot springs, ice fields and volcanos, and relax at a spectacular resort and spa in the mountains. Depending on when you go you may catch a legendary, romantic view of the northern lights. 





Glamorous Villa Honeymoon – Amalfi Coast 


For the hopeless romantic couple that has an admiration for architecture, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is the ideal sophisticated vacation. Its colorful city atmosphere mixed with glamorous villas and mouth-watering Italian cuisine will make for a honeymoon getaway that you won’t want to return from. Again, it still gives coastal, beachy vibes with rich Italian history. 





For City Romance – Vienna, Austria 


What better place to celebrate your love than in one of the most romantic destinations in the world? The capital of Austria, Vienna, is known as the city of music and offers a variety of unique tourist attractions and endless romance. Attend the opera ball, explore the historic palaces, and go shopping on the famous Graben street. If you like historic, romantic European culture, then Vienna waits for you. 





Need to relax? – St. Lucia, Caribbean


If your goal is to relax truly, this intimate Caribbean destination is for you. You will think you have just woken up in a dream with gorgeous views of the mountains, crystal clear water, coconut trees, and bright-colored florals.





Vibrant Cityscapes with Vast Culture – Morocco 


A Moroccan honeymoon means rich and diverse culture, delicious food, and vibrant cityscapes. For some couples, a beach vacation simply won’t do. You can experience intricate architecture and design and charming seaside villages filled with vast history and culture. Take a visit to the viral blue city, Chefchaouen, which is similar to the vibes of Santorini but entirely coated in shades of blue. There’s a ton to see and explore in this bustling city of attractions. 





Jungle Paradise Honeymoon – Tulum


Mexico seems like the obvious honeymoon choice for a lot of couples. Go for a bolder choice and vacation in Tulum, the oceanic jungle paradise. Tulum is known for its white sand beaches and relaxing vibe. You can explore historic ruins and nature reserves, or sip a margarita from the beach with an endless view of the sea foam green ocean. 





Local Honeymoon – Leavenworth 


If you hate flying, and want to stay on the ground for your honeymoon travels, you can plan a road trip within the states to a romantic resort. Leavenworth Washington, a Bavarian-style town with stunning views of the Enchantments mountain range, would make for a perfect romantic getaway that’s right here in the Pacific Northwest. 




California Honeymoon – Napa Valley 


Another US destination idea is Napa Valley, California for its romantic vineyard atmosphere and lots of wine. You won’t have to travel far to enjoy farm-to-table cuisine and the stunning colors of the California valley. 







Hopefully, this list inspires you to plan the honeymoon of your dreams within a realistic budget. Just remember that your travel doesn’t have to be international, or cost a fortune to be considered a honeymoon. What matters the most is that you are celebrating your new marriage with your person.