Not Sure What To Do With Your Dress Post-Wedding?

 April 20, 2017

Handling your wedding dress after your special day can be intimidating– if you plan to keep it, it can be hard to find a cleaner you trust, or find space in your home for such a large garment. Simply Preserved is here to make your life REALLY easy, so read on for a special coupon code just for Apple Brides readers!

Preserving your gown is ALWAYS a smart move. Whether you plan to keep it, pass it on, or even get rid of it down the line, preserving it will keep it fresh and clean until you decide to open the box– for whatever reason. Need more convincing? Here’s why you should preserve your gown.

  1. Preserving saves your dress for the next generation. Many brides choose to wear their mother’s gown or to re-purpose part of her gown on their wedding day. Imagine being able to offer your future daughter that option, without worrying about age and storage damage!
  2. Gowns can be rather large and can take up valuable closet space, so free up some space in your closet by having your gown preserved and boxed.
  3. Preserving protects your investment, whether you spent hundreds or thousands on your gown. Leaving your gown sealed in a garment bag or plastic can trap moisture causing mildew to ruin your gown, and no one wants that. Hanging your dress in a closet will stretch and distort the fabric content. It’s best for the gown to keep it mounted on a bust form in a preservation box. This keeps bugs, smoke, sharp objects, moisture etc. away from your gown.

Not sure you’re ready to preserve your dress right away? (We aren’t judging if you want to recreate that Friends scene– you know the one!) It’s never too late to preserve your gown. However, it is important to clean your gown as soon as you can, as some stains might not be visible right away, but if they are not treated, they can leave a nasty brown stain that will develop over time as the stain oxidizes (This is most common with sugar based stains ie: champagne). So why choose Simply Preserved? We’re glad you asked. Shipping is always free, and cleaning is one flat rate– regardless of what your gown is made of, or what kind of beadwork or other intricacies are on there. Simply Preserved specializes in fragile garments with beads, sequins, lace, and vintage garments. They have two cleaning methods available at their facility, and will select the appropriate method according to the care label on your gown. They pretreat any stains and soiled areas to ensure your gown comes out looking as flawless as the morning you put it on.

Destination wedding? You can even arrange to have the gown sent from the hotel and returned to your home once you’re back! It literally doesn’t get any easier than that. If you have damage to your gown, they can fix that, too. It’s convenient to have repairs done at the same time (and best to do before you have your gown cleaned and preserved). They package all cleaned and preserved gowns in acid free materials to create the ideal fabric storage environment for your gown. It really couldn’t be easier or more hassle-free with complimentary shipping. You can also opt to incorporate wedding invitations, your veil or your shoes into the box, or have them preserved in separate boxes if you plan to wear them again. Simply Preserved makes it quick, easy, convenient, and most of all, trustworthy, to get your gown cleaned and preserved at a rate that will fit into your newlywed budget.

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