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Our Favorite Mini Moon Locations In The U.S.!

 September 19, 2017

While the notion of a far-away, secluded, tropical honeymoon destination is super romantic, it’s also not realistic for everyone. Whether it’s because of budget, getting time off, too much other stuff going on, don’t want to deal with international travel, or any number of other reasons, if you can’t swing a big, elaborate honeymoon, a mini moon is perfect for you! Or maybe you’re delaying your honeymoon for a while, but want to enjoy a little newlywed time right now. Whatever the reason, we’re sharing our 5 favorite mini moon destinations across the US, so start packing your bags!

1. Sonoma & Napa, CA While we have some pretty epic wine country right here in Washington, sometimes a change of view is nice. Sonoma and Napa are ultra-luxe, and boast some of the best wineries in the world, meaning there will be plenty of day drinking and wine tasting for you and your new spouse!
2. Florida Keys, FL Who needs a passport to enjoy the sun and sand?! With over 1,000 islands stretching 100 miles, the Florida Keys have TONS of exploration opportunities, and plenty of adventurous activities to fill your days. Or just beach it, we’re not judging!
3. Scottsdale, AZ If you like the heat, Scottsdale is for you! Plenty of poolside sipping and fancy spa treatments await you, with gorgeous desert views and outdoor activities (during the off-peak hours, that heat can get intense!).
4. Nantucket, MA While a connecting flight is required for this one, the east coast (especially in the fall!) can be magical. If tons of amazing seafood, coastline exploring and historical adventuring are up your alley, look no further than the quintessentially quaint Nantucket!
5. Breckenridge, CO Adventurous couples, head for Colorado! With tons of do any time of year, Breckenridge is insanely fun. Breweries, mountains and the great outdoors– what more could you want? Summer or winter, you’ll have no shortage of fun.

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