Our Favorite (Non Traditional) Honeymoon Destinations

 June 13, 2018

The beach vacay and umbrella drink vibe isn’t your only romantic honeymoon option. If you’re searching for a non-traditional, and non-tropical, honeymoon destination, search no farther. We’re sharing 7 of our favorite honeymoon or minion destinations that are perfect for anyone who wants something different.

1. The Oregon Coast. What’s not to love? With tons of tiny beach towns dotting the coast line to explore, pack your wellies and rent a camper van, or book those quaint Air BNB’s! Tons of fun breweries and sights to see mean you’ll get your beach time, just in a different way.

2. The Swiss Alps How can you say no to one of the most picturesque sight in Europe? From ridiculously post-card perfect scenery to a surprisingly significant winery scene, Switzerland is calling our names.

3. New Orleans If history and culture are your things, New Orleans is the perfect destination. Jam packed with rich culture, spooky history and too much more to mention, you’ll be cramming your days with adventure, and really, really good food.

4. Banff, Canada It only takes a quick Google search to see why Banff is the perfect honeymoon spot. Allegedly one of the contenders for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s honeymoon, Banff is full of romantic things to do, perfect for winter lovers.

5. Hong Kong It’s a long haul from our corner of the globe, but Hong Kong is a foodie lovers dream! If you’re into big city lights and want a trip you’ll never forget, grab your passport because Hong Kong is a hot destination.

6. Iceland It’s trending for a reason! Iceland is relatively easy to get to (for a place that’s so far) and full of outdoor adventure just waiting for all of you PNW-ers. Scroll Instagram and fall down the wormhole of gorgeous, misty and moody waterfall and lagoon shots and you’ll be ready to book, trust us.

7. Maine The East coast in the fall is about as idyllic as you can get. Gorgeous any part of the year, a bed and breakfast in Maine gives you plenty of lighthouse exploring–lobster eating–striped shirt wearing days to spend with your new spouse.

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