Planning Tips

They asked, you said yes and your family and friends are SO happy for you! So happy in fact, that they are asking you what they can do at every step of planning the big day. Whether you’d rather not have help but feel bad saying no, or you’d love help but you just don’t know where to start, it can be difficult to figure out how to include everyone while still having the wedding you’ve been dreaming of! Here are a couple things you can delegate while still maintaining control.

  1. Check out wedding planning timelines and highlight the things you’re not as passionate about. Maybe you don’t really care about the DJ, but you have a bridesmaid who is super into music. Or you your future Mother-in-law knows a great bakery who can do specialty cookie favors. Let the people who are excited about those little details handle them, leaving you one less thing to stress about!

  2. Invite them to do stuff with you! There’s nothing wrong with bringing a squad to shop for wedding dresses or taste cakes or tour venues. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to make decisions with everyone there, and it’s ultimately up to you!

  3. Delegate wedding week tasks WAY ahead of time. This is when you’ll need the most help by far, and if you assign these tasks months in advance, your loved ones will know how they can contribute. Think errands like picking up the wedding dress, or getting the rings cleaned, or delivering welcome bags to the hotel. 

Delegating shouldn’t feel like you’re having to sacrifice. If you want to keep a little control, make a pre-vetted list of florists you’re interested in and have your sister get pricing quotes. Or have your Aunt do the internet searching to find a broad list that you can narrow down further. And if it ever gets to the point where you feel unhappy, feel free to take back over!